Duo Lift Head Hauler Trailers are adjustable, adaptable corn header trailers designed to help keep combine operators moving. A heavy duty frame and tapered gooseneck with torque tube provides a solid platform for high speed hubs, wheels and tires. Two 3/8" safety chains a 3/8" ball coupler, lockable sickle bar storage and adjustable chocks come standard on Duo Lift Head Hauler Corn and Flex Draper Header Trailers.

Head Hauler Trailer Literature

Model DLT47LT Head Hauler Trailer carrying a 45’ Flex Draper

Model DLT42LT Head Hauler Trailer with 40' Flex Draper

Head Hauler Models: DL27, DL27LT, DL32, DL32LT, DLT32LT, DLT37,DLT37LT, DLT42LT, DLT47LT

DOT Compliant Models: DLT37D, DLT42D, DLT47D

(Number and model are lengths of header bar)

DL27 Optional Green             DLT37LT                                DLT37D (DOT Compliant)

Choose from the following optional features to meet specific needs: Blue, Green or Red Frame Paint, Torsion Axles, Electric Brakes, Ag Lights, Steel Fenders, 2 5/16" Ball Coupler, 3" Lunette Eye, Center Header Bar Support for DL32 through DLT37LT, E-Z Hook Up Tongue, Adj. Length Tongue, Spare Tire & Carrier, Bolt On Storage Basket,Tongue Jack  

• DOT Compliant Models Include: Lights, Brakes, Fenders, Conspicuity Tape, Splash Guards and Bumper According to Federal Code CFR49


Adj. Length Tongue Option     Optional Front Torsion Axle   Adjustable Chock - Stnd. on DL32 to DLT47D   


Optional Mechanical Header Bar Adjustment Package:

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Extended Coverage Front Steel Fender Option:

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Sickle and Guard Cover:

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Mechanical Header Bar Adjustment Package for Duo Lift Corn and Flex Draper Header Trailers - Video Demo