Irrigation Pipe Hauler Trailers

Duo Lift designs and manufactures a complete line of pipe trailers for the irrigator and irrigation dealer, from simple 1-axle farm trailers to heavy-duty commercial irrigation pipe trailers. Models are available to transport 20', 30', or 40' pipe lengths. Many options are available and we can custom design to fit your particular needs.

 Irrigation Pipe Hauler Trailer Literature


Irrigation Pipe Hauler Trailer Models

Model 830 Pipe Hauler Trailer
Model 1030 Pipe Hauler Trailer

Model 840 Pipe Hauler Trailer

Model 830 with 2-Way Tongue
Model 830 Commercial Tandem Axle Trailer
Model 840 Commercial Tandem Axle Trailer
Model 52D Commercial Pipe Hauler Trailer

Model 53D Commercial Pipe Hauler Trailer