Dry Fertilizer Tender and Spreader Trailers

Duo Lift designs and manufactures a complete line of trailers to accommodate most brands of dry fertilizer tenders and spreaders. We work with the tender and spreader manufacturer to match our trailer to their requirements.

Important points such as weight of the fertilizer, cubic yards of the spreader, spinner location and tongue weight are key considerations we ask when recommending a spreader trailer. All Duo Lift spreader trailers are made with I-beam main frames, 8-bolt or 10-bolt hubs, 10,000-lb. drop-leg jacks, and adjustable height hitches.

Our tender trailers are available as a bumper hitch, gooseneck, or semi drop-deck. All over-the-road tender trailers are designed with brakes, lights, safety chains, reflective tape, fenders (if not equipped with tender), and I-beam main frames.

Fertilizer Tender Trailers

10-Ton Tender Trailers

16-Ton Tender Semi Trailers

24-Ton Tender Semi Trailers

Fertilizer Spreader Trailers

10-Ton Spreader

20-Ton Spreader