Salt Brine Production System


• Cleans Completely in 10-15 Minutes:
Self-contained hydraulic control system rotates the lower tank and trash screen, funneling all debris right into your front end loader bucket! No shoveling required! No need to remove your loader bucket like other systems require for cleanout!

• Large Capacity & High Volume Production:
6-1/4 Cu. Yd. Salt Hopper. Heavy duty 10 gauge stainless steel.
3 HP Stainless Pump. Produces over 4,000 Gallons Per Hour!

• Versatile Plumbing:
Made of 2" polypropylene and stainless fittings for excellent corrosion resistance. Pump to storage, recirculate to hopper from storage, add salinity adjustment water as needed.

Simple and Easy to Use:
• No augers or conveyors required - just load salt into top of hopper with your front end loader. Then turn on your water supply & make brine!
• One master control panel and hydraulic valve control all functions. Can be run in either automatic or manual mode.
• Portable skid frame; forklift into place quickly & easily.
• 100% stainless steel construction. 3" x 3" x 3/16" frame and 10 gauge hopper.


Size: Height: 96", Length: 132", Width: 73"
Salt Hopper Capacity: 6-1/4 cubic yards (level).
Brine Pump: Centrifugal stainless, 3 HP, 230V, 1 Phase (3 Phase available).
Hydraulic System: 2 HP, 230V, 1 Phase Pump with reservoir, control valve & pressure relief (3 Phase available).
Electrical: 230V, 1 Phase, 30A Control Panel with 24V transformer and waterproof switches (3 Phase available).
Empty Weight: Approximately. 3,600 lbs.





Salt Brine Production System In Operation
(Courtesy of Dultmeier Sales, Distributor and Sales)