Duo Lift® Pole Trailers

Duo Lift offers a complete line of pole trailers for power utility companies and utility contractors.

We have sizes ranging from a single axle 7,000-lb. GVWR model, to our most popular 15,000-lb. GVWR single axle model, to tandem axle and semi trailer units.  Models are available with a fixed or adjustable tongue length.  All trailers meet highway safety standards for brakes, lights, safety chains, couplers, fenders, mud flaps, rear bumper, and reflective tape.

Our many years of experience designing pole trailers has led to many nice features including:  sliding stanchions on all three bolsters, rear cargo area, easy to adjust sliding tongue with rollers, heavy-duty tongue jack, and wiring enclosed in an "E-Chain" carrier (to prevent bunching and cutting of the light cord when adjusting the tongue).  We also offer some popular options such as a lockable toolbox, portable rear light bar with cord, a rugged galvanized finish, cable reel holders, and a flat deck over the rear tires (great for hauling transformers). 

We can easily customize a trailer to fit your specific needs.  Please contact us for more information.  We also welcome trailer dealer inquiries!