Liquid Fertilizer Nurse Trailers

Duo Lift designs and manufactures a complete line of trailers for the fertilizer industry. Models are available to accommodate most brands and sizes of liquid fertilizer tanks, both poly and stainless steel. Our most popular sizes include: 1000, 1200, 1600, 3200 gallons. Other sizes are also available. Duo Lift can supply the trailer only, or complete units with tanks, tires, pumps, and plumbing kits.

Transport Models

TD1200CB Series
TD1700CB Series
TD1200/1700CB Stretch Series
1000 Gallon Nurse Trailer
1200 Gallon Nurse Trailer
1600 Gallon Tandem, Poly Tank
1600 Gallon Tandem, Stainless Tank
3200 Gallon Tandem, Semi Trailer


Field Use Models

DS Series - 4 Wheel Steer
Pull Between Field Cart


Temporary Storage