Duo Lift® Sprayer Transport Trailers

Duo Lift sprayer transport trailers are designed to accommodate your specific row crop sprayer. All units are equipped with new high-speed axles, hubs, wheels, tires, brakes, and slipper spring suspensions. Federal DOT requirements for safety chains, lights, brakes, and reflectors are met or exceeded. Models are available from 14,000 pounds up to 30,000 pounds GVWR. We also offer a semi trailer model equipped with a nurse tank. Many options are available and we can custom design to meet your specific requirements.


Tow Type Sprayer Trailer Literature 


Sprayer Transport Trailer Models

14,000 Lb. GVWR

16,000 Lb. GVWR

20,000 Lb. GVWR

24,000 Lb. GVWR

30,000 Lb. GVWR

Semi Trailer Transport