Dura-Drill Hydraulic Soil Samplers

You can select from the following models:

• 1110  Single 10" Drill
• 1136  Single 36" Drill
• 1148  Single 48" Drill
• 3610  Double 10" and 36" Drill
• 4810  Double 10" and 48" Drill

Duo Lift manufactures a very rugged line of Dura-Drill soil samplers, designed to be used by agronomists, fertilizer companies, and farmers to obtain soil for fertility testing. Our Dura-Drill sampler utilizes a hardened steel auger with a carbide tip to bore through hard-packed or frozen soils.  Models are available to drill to depths of 10", 36", and 48".  Our double-auger machines allow both 10" and 36" or 48" depths to be drilled simultaneously.

All models can be installed on our two-wheel trailer or on a full-size pickup truck. The trailer-installed machine is becoming increasingly popular, due to it's portability.  It's easy for a large fertilizer or agronomy company to utilize the sampler at various outlets when installed on a trailer, versus dedicating a truck full-time to a sampling machine.

The sampler is operated with a hand-held control pendent with electric-over-hydraulic controls.  The hydraulic system comes complete with a reservoir, filters, control valve, and gear pump.  The pump is driven by a very reliable Honda engine.  During operation, the soil collection canister is hydraulically lowered to the ground while the hardened steel auger drills through an opening in the bottom of the canister into the soil.
As the auger reaches the desired depth, and returns, the soil is deposited into the collection canister.  The canister hydraulically raises off the ground and you simply drive to your next sampling location.  The canister is hinged and folds down for quick and easy collection of soil into your sampling bags.

All trailer-mounted units are complete and ready to use from our factory. Truck-mounted machines can be installed at our factory by Duo Lift technicians, or we can ship them to you for installation. All truck-mounted machines require detailed information about the truck make, model, and year. We also need you to inspect the frame underneath the front of the pickup box to make certain there is plenty of room to install our mounting brackets to the main C-channel of the truck frame. If brake lines, wiring, or the fuel tank is too close to the frame, we may not be able to use the truck for mounting a sampler.

Unfortunately we are finding that we cannot mount on trucks after the year 1999 because of changes to the truck frame. If this is the case, a trailer-mounted unit would be your best choice. An optional probe can be attached to the sampler, if you need to obtain a core profile of the soil.