N1000 Hi-Rise Wagon for 1,000 Gallon Tank

The N-1000 wagon is designed with extra ground clearance for side-dressing applications. It features 5th wheel steering with a 2.50" diameter king pin, 6-bolt hubs, 15 x 10 wheels, 60" to 90" adjustable tracking, 2" diameter type 1144 spindle shaft, 4 x 8 axles, 4 x 4 stringers, a rear hitch, and two safety chains. Options include: lights, extension tongue, cushion tongue, wider tracking, and implement flotation tires.

All Hi-Rise wagons feature 5th-wheel steering for excellent towing and are equipped with a massive 2.50" diameter king-pin and heavy wall bushing. The 5th-wheel discs are built extra tough - 9/16" thick x 20" diameter. The rocking front bolster allows the front tire to raise 14" while the tank remains unstressed. Tire tracks can be adjusted fron 60" to 90" in minutes with the original easy-to-use clamp design.