Duo Lift® DS-Series Duo Steer Wagons

The Duo Steer by Duo Lift is a 4-wheel steer unit designed for your strip till machine, planter, field cultivator and more. The "E-Z lock" system locks the rear axle in the fixed position for road use or steerable position for field use in seconds by the flip of a lever. No disconnecting or connecting of tie rod necessary. This heavy duty trailer utilizes 18.4 x 26 lug tires. Trailers can be built for 1600 to 2600 gallon liquid tanks and dual anhydrous tanks. Capacity (Lbs. GVWR from 14,000-48,000)


DS1000, DS1000A, DS1200, DS1200A, DS1600, DS1600A, DS1600D, DS1600DA, DS2000, DS2000A, DS2600, DS2600A

NH3 Wagons - DS2110, DS2110A, DS2200, DS2200A