The Model SW24D Swather Trailer is a Gooseneck Hitch, HD Configuration Trailer designed to efficiently load and safely carry the Modern, Heavy Weight Self Propelled Swathers and Self Propelled Windrowers that can weigh as much as 17,000 Lbs. The GVWR of the SW24D is 24,000 Lbs. The Trailer is DOT Compliant.  

The Highly Adjustable Swather Trailer Platform is 102” Wide for empty Transport and up to a 159” Maximum Loaded Transport.

Guide Rails keep the Rear Swather Tire from turning during loading.

The Standard Color is a Black with Gray Solid Plate Wheels.  Duo Lift Blue Color as well as other AG Colors are available for additional cost.

Swather Hauler Literature


SW28D Also Available.....more info coming soon!